Specific children's games:

Happy Families: A simple 'collect the set' game for younger children.

Around Europe Snap: Some cards have flags, some have capital cities and some country shapes. Learn more about Europe by matching the different ways of symbolising a country. operation game

Set: Identify the 'sets' of cards. A 'set' is three cards on which each feature is either the same on all, or different on all, of the cards.

Goose: A classic children's race game. Throw a dice and gradually move into the centre of the board, but watch out for the obstacles.

Coppit: Send your hats around the board to capture other hats. Trying to get them home may get you captured in turn.

48 piece marble run: The idea is to build little channels and mazes for your marble to find its way through with a little help from gravity.

Operation: Can you collect the patient's bones without sounding the buzzer?

Twister - For all ages - Twister is a game where you are the game pieces and you and your opponents get tied up in knots. Spin the spinner to move your body around the mat. The last player to fall wins.

Uno - A card game for all ages, to win you need to be the first player to score 500 points. Points are scored by getting rid of all the cards in your hand before your opponents. There are number, colour and action cards.